The dream is dead, long live the dream


I began my controversial campaign to have Bob Seger kicked out of America almost a year ago. At times it felt as if the movement was gaining ground and I could vividly picture the washed-up, old, whiney singer crying as he was hauled away, forced to live out his days in some foreign land.

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Mony Mony: Unraveling the mystery behind the song’s never written lyric


Recently Nissan launched an ad promoting the sale of their Sentra model which featured the longtime party anthem “Mony Mony,” as its centerpiece. The ad is upbeat and catchy, which does a terrible disservice to those of us that will be paying for a wedding in the next decade or two. If in fact the song finds new life and DJ’s feel compelled to play the song (and its accompanying mystery, crowd-sung lyric) at gatherings nationwide, we as paying parents are doomed.

The commercial also made me wonder: what mad genius came up with the words that seem to fit so seamlessly into the song and are now considered a perfectly normal third stanza?

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