The comfort of feeling small

My first story at NBC Sports

NBC SportsWorld

It was a quiet cadence that he continued to repeat, rarely venturing beyond five simple words:

“Uno … dos … tres … quarto … cinto.”

Cade, my 5-year-old son, counted on his small, chunky fingers — often whispering incorrect numbers in Spanish to himself, seated next to me as I watched a San Antonio Spurs game. New to kindergarten this year, he’s been exposed to an entire new world of learning, a big part of which involves immersion in the Spanish language. E-mails from his teacher come in sets  —  one paragraph is written in English and the message is subsequently repeated in Spanish. All communication in his school is delivered similarly. Each directive is relayed verbally or in writing in both languages.

To be completely honest, his educational environment, and the journey he’s only just begun  — one that already looks and feels a lot different than the one I took —  is a bit daunting and occasionally…

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One thought on “The comfort of feeling small

  1. Enjoyed the story, but I have one minor quibble. OK, not so minor. Angelo Drossos was a Spurs hero who never gets enough credit. Getting the Chaps to SA on that “lease deal”, getting the original ownership team together, and serving as the “face” of the team (business side) for those critical early years.

    And yes, he was a key figure in the ABA-NBA merger negotiations that ensured that the Spurs were one of the 4 ABA teams to survive. But make no mistake, if it were not for the presence of George Gervin on the Spurs roster, Drossos would not have had much leverage.

    He was our Doctor J, and a very big (if not major) reason that the Spurs ended up in the NBA, and not the scrapheap of basketball history.


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