The dream is dead, long live the dream


I began my controversial campaign to have Bob Seger kicked out of America almost a year ago. At times it felt as if the movement was gaining ground and I could vividly picture the washed-up, old, whiney singer crying as he was hauled away, forced to live out his days in some foreign land.

My efforts on Twitter and the subsequent launch of were wildly successful, and I will always be grateful to the two of you that stood behind me.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.12.28 AM

And yes there were times when I faced significant pushback from fans of his that don’t know anything at all about good music. Those were the dark days, the days when only by force of will and my undying belief that my cause was worthy were all that allowed me to trudge ahead.

Until I draw my last breath I will continue to believe that Turn the Page is the worst song ever written, and I’ll never forget the joy I felt in my heart when imagining how awkward it would be for Scott Van Pelt or some other sports reporter to announce, live on air, that was the source of some headline-grabbing,breaking news story.

But alas, I’ll never get to see that dream fully realized. It is in fact time to turn the page.

Last night over beer and tacos, Keith, Antonio, Steve and I decided to rename the site in an effort to draw more respectable readers. We’ve long discussed hosting a blog with a dad-centric theme where we can write about sports and fatherhood and chocolate milk. I suggested we name it “Dads & Beans,” and was laughed at mercilessly. Steve came up with “Suburban Gangsters,” and a new era was born.

It’ll be a place to write about the joy of kids and the agony of sports. Keith will have a home to post his weird YouTube videos and if I want to write a 3,000 word, rambling non-sensical story, this is where it’ll happen.

So if you’re a dad, or have a dad, or know a dad– join us. Contact me if you’d like to contribute a story, picture or original song. And in the spirit of goodwill, I’ll end with the only Bob Seger song I can stomach.


2 thoughts on “The dream is dead, long live the dream

  1. I’m in travis, if not just to rep the wee bit older dad. My first topic, why are dads the only person who can plunge and toilet. I’ll mean, c’mon.


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