Well, Hello

I think I’m the one outsider in a sense as I’ve never met Travis in real life, although we’ve had a ton of email conversations going back and forth for years.  Travis helps me run Viva The Matadors and I’m eternally grateful for that.

First posts are like first impressions so obviously there’s no pressure.  Here goes.

I ran across this article, ironically I got it from Chris Level one morning, and I thought this was fantastic.  Especially for me because my son, Fitsum, is just now getting into sports. He’ll be five in March.  We tried t-ball last year, but that was terrible because he has zero ability to focus, wanted to kiss the girls and boys, and didn’t like just sitting in the outfield.  We didn’t even make it through a game and we decided that he wasn’t ready.

The one thing that he does participate in is TOT, which is this basketball thing where the kids dribble and dance to music and his friends at pre-school are in this program, so he really likes it.  On Friday, he has his yearly show where all of the kids get to go perform at the halftime of a JV basketball game and it’s a big deal for them to get on that court and be in front of all of those people.  He loves it and Fitsim ain’t shy. Not even a little bit.

So what Level tweeted was this article about what six words parents should say to their kids about sports:

“I love to watch you play.”

This was really terrific for me personally because I know that all kids struggle with acceptance and self-esteem issues and wondering whether or not they’re good enough and I couldn’t believe how simplistic and terrific this advice was.

I can’t wait to tell Fitsum on Friday night.