5 Movies Every Graduate Must See – Cultural Index Thursday


It’s important. It’s important to be able to converse intelligently on certain high-level topics. Movies. Yes. Movies are one of those things. You may have gone to college, gained a little knowledge, but did you really learn any thing?

Today we post the question, what are the five movies every graduate should have seen?

You can use any criteria you want to use. They can be serious. They can be funny. They can be obscure. They can be pop-culture icons. Your list, your movies. You tell me.

As for me, here are my five. I’ll do my best to justify them.

1. Saving Private Ryan. If you only see the first fifteen minutes you’ll never be flippant about war again. If you see the last twenty you’ll have a better understanding of how your parents and grandparents have been affected by the battles they fought. If you’ve worn the uniform…

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The Chess Match Between Stotts and Pop Begins

Tremendous analysis prior to Game 2…


Editor’s Note: SB Nation’s Pounding the Rock has syndicated this post.

Image Source: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

They say a series doesn’t get interesting until the home team loses, but that doesn’t take into account the moves behind the players — the adjustments that go on during and in between the games. Pop and Stotts are locked in a battle every bit as real as Aldridge and Splitter are, and it’s every bit as compelling.

As we all know, the Trail Blazers were not quite themselves in Tuesday’s blowout game against the Spurs. There is no doubt that the Blazers will make some key adjustments to get themselves back into this series. And, if memory serves well, Pop will find a way to counter them.

How, you ask? Let’s play basketball chess!

Terry Stotts’ Moves

For a team built to wreak havoc on the offensive end, poor offense can often be a catalyst…

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Do you want to see things? Try the backstretch at Talladega


By the time 1996 rolled around KP and I were grizzled NASCAR veterans.  We’d been to two races, on opposite ends of the country in 1995 and were ready for more.  As the summer rolled around we gathered our group for another strategy session and decided to head back to Talladega for the July race.  Sure we all should have been hospitalized after the last race and sure it was hotter than curling up in a sleeping bag in a volcano on the sun, but we were going back.

We decided to switch it up a little this time though.  We drank in as much of the experience as we could last time so how could we change it up to keep it exciting?  The Nusser suggested we sit on the backstretch.  Oh hell yeah, what an idea!


We had no idea what we were getting into.

So we borrowed…

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Road Trip, Volume 1: My First NASCAR Experience Talladega

In celebration of Talladega weekend, revisiting my two trips there almost 20 years ago…


The Nusser and I were best friends growing up.  We did everything together.  We can probably still recite every line in Bull Durham and we grew matching mullets. In high school he drove a 1976 black Capri and installed glass packs to make it as obnoxiously loud as possible.  The Nusser also had a notoriously bad temper.  He was my ride to and from school but sometimes he’d get mad at me and stop about a half a mile from my trailer park and make me walk home.  One morning he came to pick me up for football practice way too early.  I was still in bed so he threw a baseball at me.  I’m still not sure why.  We had at least an hour before practice.

But we made it through all the flying baseballs and stopping short and remained friends.  And I’ll always be grateful for one thing…

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